Embroidery Hoop Wall Arrangement

Sometimes you take on a weekend project and you know that you’re going to invest quite a bit of time into it. Other times, you’d like to make something new for your home, but you don’t want to spend the whole weekend doing it. If you’re in that mood – wanting something new but there’s not much time – you’ll love knowing that you can create a cute wall arrangement in a bedroom, craft room, or even the kitchen. When you make embroidery hoop decorations you’ll see that they’re quick and easy, really cheap, and very useful.

It’s called an embroidery hoop but it’s actually two hoops. One hoop is smaller than the other; the large one is made to encircle the small one. There’s a little screw on top that allows you to loosen or tighten the outer hoop as needed. That makes it easy to create a bulletin board, a photo display, a cork board, and much more. Later, if you want, you can cover the tiny screw with a bow or other embellishment.

Purchase embroidery hoops at your nearby craft store. They’re available in various sizes; choose all of the same size, or assorted sizes, depending on the wall arrangement you want to make.

Cut a piece of cloth and lay it over the small ring of the embroidery hoop. Lay the large hoop over that and tighten if needed. As you tighten the screw, pull the fabric taut, all the way around. Cut off any excess material. The cloth you use for this hoop can be purchased at a fabric store, or can be something you already have. Use a piece cut from an old sheet, make a hoop with a washcloth, or even cut fabric from a garment you no longer wear.

The fabric embroidery hoop is easy to hang on a single nail or screw. Use it, along with straight pins, to hang notes, reminders, and other things. Sew or glue a pocket to the fabric and use the pocket to hold anything from folded papers to pictures. Or, put a Velcro dot here and there on the cloth, use peel-n-stick Velcro dots on the backs of photos, and you can display them on the hoop. Or, cut out a felt or cloth shape, attach it, and hang it as a nursery picture or as an image for another room.

Make a cork board from an embroidery hoop by first laying the cork on the hoop. Draw around it, cut it out, then glue the circle of cork on top of the large hoop. Use tacks or pins to hold notes, pictures, reminders, and other things.

There are many different arrangements you can make by the way you coordinate or match fabric, combine various hoop sizes, and hang the hoops on the wall. No matter what arrangement you make you’ll find the assorted hoops cute and useful.

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