Emphasis on Venus and Creativity when Mercury Transits Pisces

The astrological symbolism that applies when Mercury, the Winged Messenger visits the arc of Pisces applies quickly. Poseidon is the mythological representative of Neptune, which encompasses the Pisces profile. Mystical thinking permeates the shrouded planet of Neptune. An ambiance of beautiful dreamer infuses Pisces because of a natural affinity with Venus. Mercury travels at a rapid pace, but always leaves a message in its wake. So, the mental and spiritual ramifications of this transit are often long lived despite the brief transit period.

My experience with this transit is that the most uncanny understanding came to me one day. I love to read articles by Edgar Mitchell, the sixth astronaut to walk on the moon. Following links to recommended articles takes me to another Mitchell inspired site called IONS. Quantum Energy is the hot discussion there. I would skip as many of the quantum articles as possible, but realized that I was missing the beat. When I followed several links, I ended up at the site of an acquaintance from long ago. He’s the publisher the Alternative Perceptions website. More research led to checking credibility of the concept through a consensus of articles around the web. But getting back to the Mercury in Pisces influence, I experienced a miracle. I mysteriously, somehow understood explanations of quantum energy, when normally these scientific articles are out of my realm of perception.

According to “Planets in Transit” written by renowned astrologer Robert Hand, Pisces sometimes represents duplicity under the influence of a Mercury transit. In his book, ” Hand relates that fantasy can also replace realistic thinking indicating also that communication may be used for the purpose of deceit. A creative influx of dreamy ideas presents a happy alternative. Pisces and duality get along swimmingly. Pisces icon of two fish tells most of the story. By the same token, the current Mercury/Pisces transit manifests in a catch-22 situation.

A requirement of discrimination about the truth exists along side of a beckoning daydream that taunts the imagination. Mercury passing through the dreamy shroud of Neptune (Pisces ruler) quickens the mind. Imagine an ethereal visit to Poseidon’s Den where encounters with E.E. Cumming’s ‘still small voice’ happen. Combine Pisces’ contented association with Venus and the result is a cosmic mix. Creativity, imagination, inspiration, receptivity become key words with this transit.

Although Mercury travels quickly, the impact could be life changing in terms of consciousness. Pisces’ dwells within that shrouded element of the deep sea. Threaded with religious themes, an equal and opposite profane element completes the polarity of the dualism.

Mercury expresses movement, thinking. Pisces represents divinity. Tapping in to this source means getting in touch with universal genius. Learning is easier under this transit. A surprising factor is the curious ability to learn and understand something that is completely out of character for you. You may not be skilled at math, but you read and comprehend a complex article about quantum energy. Armed with new knowledge, the impact imprints life.

Currently, the Piscean friendship with Venus blends with a long awaited configuration of influences credited to the goddess of love. A major player in the Age of Aquarius, Venus is on her way to pass in front of the sun, acting as a small eclipse in the month of June. Visible from areas around the Pacific Ocean, protective viewing apparatus is a must.

In his Lunar Planner Journal, Nick Fiorenza gives a timeline perspective of the completion of cycles of Venus that take more than six hundred years to complete. NASA and related sites are watching Venus’ path of travel because of a different orbit that follows the sun. The current connection of Mercury and Pisces is a precursor of some epoch making astrological events the world is soon to encounter.


“Planets in Transit” by Robert Hand

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