Encounter with an Alien

Frank was hiking thru the forest, not a care in the world. His wife had thought him too old for this kind of activity. She was not happy about him going out alone. He was sixty, and planning to retire in two years.

But, he didn’t listen. And he was glad he didn’t. He has never been as happy as he now was. Away from the stress of pretending to like his job, GOD, office work is a drag.

It was getting late so he reckoned he should set up camp for the night. He examined the area and realized he had better get to higher ground. This area looks prone to flash floods. He approaches the nearest ridge, it’s a gentle climb to the top. Yes, this should do he thought. He puts down his rifle, un slings his pack, and in doing so he see’s some strange lights, red, white and yellow emanating from what appears to be a clearing approximately 70 yards away.

He can’t control his curiosity, so he picks up his rifle and follows an animal path towards the lights. He get’s within 50 feet of the object, he see’s no sign of activity. His brain is sending his body conflicting information, his sense of survival tells him to get the hell out of here, but his curiosity tells him to stay, at least get a glimpse of the beings. I should be safe here, they can’t see me behind this rock and shrub.

He didn’t have to wait long, the door or hatchway to the craft was opening, he saw two beings exit the craft, each carrying several sticks. He could not see deeply into the vehicle, just a small room was visible, maybe an airlock!

The beings were not large, they must have been just a little over four feet, they were wearing some form of suit with helmets. He was getting concerned now, he could not retreat, not without making noise, and that he did not want to do.

Trying to imitate a rock, he watched as the creatures placed the sticks they were carrying. They placed them around the craft so as to get a 360 degree coverage. He guessed that they were setting up some kind of detection devise. This was getting interesting but scary. He thought he heard something behind him, turned, did not hear anything but he thought he saw two yellow lights, very dim. Oh no, the color, they looked like the reflection from a cat’s eyes. A big cat! Oh Shit!


Between a rock and a hard spot now. He made a decision to run towards the craft if that was definitely a cat behind him.

He turned his attention back to the craft, the being’s had completed there setup of the posts. One went to the ship and plugged in the wire he was carrying, the posts started to have a small glow at their tops. Damned! an extension cord! One stick, and only one turned red. It was the one nearest him. The fear was building and becoming palpable. His body was sending him a new message, he had to pee! Forgetting that urge he looked and saw one of the creatures nudge his partner and point in his direction!

Oh Shit! They were pointing things that looked like pistols at him, they seemed to project rays, they went just to his right. If that light moves just a bit to the left then he will be spotted.


He then heard something behind him, a low growl. Again the yellow lights or eyes. Fear had completely overtaken him! Fight or flight! He picked up his rifle, cocked the lever to load a round. What to shoot at, the light or the creature behind him. Definitely the light, he only had a vague idea of where the beast was. Take out the light and the beast or the aliens would have a hard time trying to locate him. He could meld into the dark.

He aimed, fired, and the night went black. And then the light, it was so bright he was blinded.

He must have fainted, he woke up to see the alien on top of him, electrical impulses ripping into his chest. Fear ruled completely, passed out again.

The next time he woke up he was in a bed, cool clean sheets. What the hell now? He looked around the room, and then, he saw his wife. He then asked, Mary, where am I?

Your in a hospital room Dear!

What happened, how did I get here?

Somehow you happened to stumble on to a movie set, you got right in the middle of a scene. Then you must have had a heart attack, one of the actors gave you, Oh I don’t know, respiration and you revived, then feinted. The movie people called an ambulance and here you are.


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