Ending My Pain

Put yourself in my shoes.

Pretend you’re someone, with nothing to loose.
You have nowhere to go, and no one who cares.
You’ve ran before, but didn’t get anywhere.
Everyone has turned away.
You live in fear day after day.
There is simply no way out.
The pain is unbearable, you begin to shout.
Although, no one would hear your cries for help.
No one even cares about the pain you’ve felt.
You try to escape, but fail every time.
Can you imagine living, in this world of mine?
I tried so hard, but could not succeed.
No one would help me in my time of need.
He was pushing harder than he ever had before.
He left me lying there bleeding on the floor.
I was just before death, when I suddenly realized.
I was already dead, at least inside.
No one else was going to take the credit.
I would end it myself, or live to regret it.
I got on my knees, and prayed to be forgiven.

I was never going to allow him to rape me again.
I opened the cabinet, and swallowed every last one.
Things faded away, and finally, my pain was gone.

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