“Ethereal” | My Favorite Photograph that I Have Taken

My favorite photography that I have taken is an underwater portrait that I have titled “Ethereal”. I took this photograph in late August or early September of 2010, when shooting with film it can be hard to remember the exact date. It was taken with an expired 27 exposure Kodak Underwater Sport disposable camera that I got on clearance from my local grocery store and held onto for over a year waiting for the perfect opportunity to try it out.

Photography is a long time hobby of mine, I do it part time professionally at this point and work every day towards becoming full time. I love the thrill of shooting film because with a limited amount of exposures on each roll I feel that every image is precious and you never know if it will turn out the way you want or if it will even turn out at all. I do shoot a lot of digital, I have went more to this route lately with more portrait gigs and the ever rising cost of film and developing. This shoot encouraged me to buy a digital underwater camera which I haven’t yet had a chance to use for portrait purposes.

I met the model, Meghan, through a website called Model Mayhem where I occasionally try to locate models to work with to expand my portrait portfolio. She was an extremely good sport and jumped at the idea of modeling underwater even though she would have to drag around the weight of extra clothing. With a bag full of old slips purchased from a thrift store and a waterproof one-use camera in hand, Meghan and I snuck into a local private swimming pool to try to take some underwater photos. I have never been able to open my eyes underwater so I had to put the camera underwater and try to figure out where to shoot from above. There were multiple shots that I truly loved (which are available on my blog if you are interested), but this one was by far my favorite. I use it as my icon on various websites and the main image on my photography Facebook page, it is even one of the very few photographs I have available for sale as a print available here.

I have an 11×14 print of this photo and another one from our underwater session hanging up in my living room. The colors, the flowing fabric, and water are so soothing and relaxing that it makes me feel as if I am the one floating along lazily in a pool on a hot summer day… It feels, Ethereal.

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