Everything You Need to Know About Lipsticks!

Lipstick finishes off your entire look and can allow you to feel and appear polished for any occasion. Just as there are dozens of colors to choose from, there are a variety of textures and formulas out there for you to choose. Not sure if a lip stain is right for you? The sort of lipstick formula you choose depends on your needs and type of coverage you want with your product. Whether you simply use a lip gloss for your everyday routine or are looking to step outside the box, here are some of the most common lipstick textures you’ll find at your favorite store:

Lip Palette – When you like to mix it up every day, a lip palette is the perfect choice because it offers you the entire rainbow from which to choose. A lip palette contains a variety of colors -from the very sheer shades, perfect for daytime to the bold, vibrant lip shades you will love to wear at night. One useful palette to look for is the Sephora Collection Shimmer Harmony Gloss Palette.

Lip Gloss – If you don’t want to draw much attention to the lips, but you still appreciate a polished look, lip gloss is the way to go. Lip gloss formulas add a sexy sheen to the lips and many formulas offer moisturizing properties, so you get great looking and healthy lips. There are so many lip gloss products to try in a variety of colors, but one brand I found that went on without feeling sticky and had a great fragrance is Maybelline Shine Sensational, which comes in 18 different colors.

Long-Lasting Lipstick – If you have an event to go to, such as a wedding, and you don’t want to keep re-applying your lipstick, a long-lasting formula is convenient to use and offers great coverage. Many of these long-lasting formulas come with a duo pack, one that allows you to apply color and a second applicator for the glossy overcoat. Long-lasting lipstick formulas can be drying to the lips, so be sure to exfoliate and moisturize them before you apply the lipstick. The CoverGirl Outlast All-Day Lipcolor is one brand that works well and comes in a variety of colors.

Lip Stains – When you just want a hint of color, a lip stain is ideal. Lip stain formulas are perfect for any day style because they give you just enough color to finish off your look without looking too heavy. Look for a subtle lip stain, such as Tarte LipSurgence Natural Matte Lip Tint Trio, which offers three different stain colors for your day and night needs.

There are so many lip textures to choose from, so here are just a few of the most common formulas. Each of the textures offer you the coverage you need or want and can easily be found at your favorite beauty or retail store.

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