Exciting Plans for Tucson’s Ensphere

Of all the local bands in Tucson, Ensphere has managed to stand out from the pack. Their music may be in its own category. Ensphere’s sound is influenced by groups such as Nine Inch Nails and Tool, but the group counters their tendency towards metal with instruments such as the viola and hammered dulcimer. Ensphere fits comfortably playing in the same lineup as metal groups, or groups that would be considered alternative. They have played a number of shows with Blind Divine, a band that creates a dreamlike, haunting atmosphere with their music, similar to that of Mazzy Star.

The most recognizable members of Ensphere would likely be Randall Swindell and Serena Rose. Both musicians are skilled with several different instruments. Lead singer Swindell plays guitar in Ensphere, but he also knows how to play drums and keyboards. Rose will usually be playing bass or viola onstage, but she also sings and plays hammered dulcimer. Ensphere is rounded out by Joseph Malone, and drummer Michael Ludovici. Ensphere’s newest member, Dave Thurston, plays guitar and sings.

Although Thurston has played guitar for years, he is also skilled with sound equipment. Thurston was planning to be the band’s sound tech. But Ensphere needed another guitar player, and Thurston’s musical style fit well the band. When looking for a new band member, Swindell commented that it is
important to find someone with the right chemistry. “It’s like finding a significant other,” Swindell added. “He was able to jump right in …to play the shows we already had scheduled.”

Fans who purchased Ensphere’s full-length CD, Corpuscle, in 2010 will not have to wait much longer for a new CD. Their new album, Umbilicus, will be released next year. Swindell explained that the group will release one song at a time in 2012. Ensphere also plans to go on tour to promote the new CD. Ensphere’s previous 2010 tour helped in getting the band’s name out in other states. They played at some music festivals, and some “bars with a lot of history,” added Swindell. The band paid their own way on this small tour.

The upcoming tour will be drastically different. “We will be touring our live show with Digital Vibe Entertainment. It is targeted at the large scale festival market,” said Swindell. The band has several vehicles ready for the tour, including 2 vans, 2 semi-trucks, and a box truck. They will need to transport not only their equipment, but also the staging. “Our prep work as of right now has been lots of soldering, carpentry, welding, painting, electrical work, and music creation,” Swindell added.

Long-time fans already know that they can expect something special and different from Ensphere’s live shows. They have incorporated performers with circus-like skills, such as fire breathers and an acrobat, into some of their previous shows.

You can see Ensphere perform this New Year’s Eve, at Tucson’s Plush.

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