Excuses for Being Late

I was in traffic.

I was trapped in the closet

I lost my key.

The traffic moved to slow.

The traffic was so fast I missed the exit twice.

I forgot which way to work.

I got lost on my way.

I couldn’t decide what to where.

I couldn’t find my keys.

I could sleep so I started counting sheep and didn’t know when to stop.

I fell asleep in the shower.

I didn’t hear the silent alarm clock.

I’m not late I’m early for tomorrow.

I stopped to use the restroom and I had to wait for a stall to open.

I stopped to get donuts and they didn’t have the kind I wanted.

I burned myself with my ice coffee.

I lost my favorite shoes.

I was color coordinating my outfit.

I’m not late your clock is just fast.

I thought that it was daylight savings time.

I thought we were on standard time.

My body is still on vacation time.

I was hammered by the fact that my parents said I was adopted.

I couldn’t fit in my car.

I couldn’t find pants that fit me.

My shirt split open.

The house door was stuck and wouldn’t open.

Ran out of fuel at the gas station.

There wasn’t enough traffic for a traffic jam.

My tires were stolen.

I couldn’t remember were my closet was.

I got lost inside my dresser.

I had to shovel my car out of gravel.

I sprained my ankle getting out of bed.

I couldn’t find my car in the parking lot.

I thought today was Christmas.

I thought today was Saturday.

I thought that we got today off.

I thought today was a half day.

I wore socks that didn’t match.

I broke my shoe lace.

I can’t find my cat.

I can’t find my dog.

I walked out in my lawn and got lost in the weeds.

I saw a penny and reached down to pick it up but I couldn’t reach it.

A dog was crossing the road and it took 30 minutes for him to get to the other side.

A cat was sleeping in the road and I had to wait for it to finish sleeping.

I went to a vending machine and my change got stuck and I had to wait for the vending attendant.

A black cat crossed my path and I had to take on alternate route to work.

I saw a robbery take place and I had to chase the thief.

I work out in the morning and got stuck on the treadmill.

I got locked in the gym at my apartment.

I saw a good looking girl and tried to get her phone number.

I didn’t see smoke coming out of my tail pipe and had to wait for my car to start smoking.

My windshield broke and I had to wait for a replacement.

I was stuck inside a towel after I got out of the shower.

I got tangled in the shower curtain.

I slipped in the kitchen and got knocked unconscious.

I got stuck in the toilet.

My sink wouldn’t turn off and I had to wait for the plumber.

The stoplight was on red for the past three hours.

The police were blocking the road.

Too many people were coming in and out of the connivance store and I couldn’t get out.

My car got stuck in a pot hole.

My tire was off balance.

I got the hick-ups and couldn’t loose them.

I got distracted watching the morning news.

I thought the commute time counted towards my work time.

I was locked in my car trunk.

The heat didn’t work in my house so I had to stay home and use my body heat to warm the house.

I got stuck to my bed.

I got lost under my covers.

While typing on my computer my hands went nub and I couldn’t do anything to get ready to go to work until they healed.

I had a dream that I was at work and I figured that counted as a day of work.

I ran out of clothes to wear so I had to wait for my laundry to get done.

I was telecommuting this morning.

My house flooded and I won’t be able to swim out.

If I come outside I’ll melt it’s too hot.

My garage door won’t open.

I had a call from the governor.

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