Expect the Unexpected

One year when I was about 8 or 9 years of age I had the most expected, unexpected Christmas. As usual around Christmas, I would get my notebook paper, sharpened pencil, Sears catalog and Toys R Us catalog. I would get cozy on the couch and slowly review the catalogs page by page to see what they had to offer.

I would fold down the top corners of the pages that had the toys I was interested in for easy reference. After my first review of what the catalogs had to offer, I would go back to the selected pages. On my notebook paper I had the name of the item, item number, source, page number and cost. All the good stuff you learn in grade school from writing papers. I was prepared and didn’t want my mother to have to work hard in getting my every Christmas need.

My next step was to place my items of interest in order of importance, what I wanted most to what I could live without. I didn’t want my mother to be confused and get items that didn’t matter as much to me. I only had her best interest in mind.

My list was complete and as every Christmas season, I presented it to her with pride and joy, hoping, wishing and praying that I could get it all! This particular Christmas, my mother took to Toys R Us to do the Christmas shopping, as she had no one to watch me when she went. She told me I could walk up and down the aisle by myself, scream fire if someone tries to take me and if I see her in a particular aisle turn and walk away or I wouldn’t get anything for Christmas.

I quickly followed to all the rules. I wasn’t going to have my Christmas ruined!

I happily walked up and down the aisles minding my business. I enjoyed looking at all the great toys upfront and personal. I would come to an aisle that had an unclaimed shopping cart overflowing with every single toy I had on my Christmas list.

Wow! I thought, “this kid is going to have the best Christmas ever! I wish I was this kid.” My mother came down the aisle and quickly guided me away to another aisle.

Christmas came. After unwrapping every single item under the tree, I told my mom about the cart I saw in the store. She laughed and told me that was my cart and that’s why she quickly escorted me down another aisle.

I hadn’t went against the rules, I had accidentally saw the shopping cart that had all my toys in it my mother told me. We laughed and laughed. I was the kid that had the best Christmas ever with many more to come.

I hope this Christmas and many more to come bring you the expected unexpected gifts and joys of life. Happy Holidays!

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