Facebook on Campus: I “Like” It!

I am a college student at the University of Michigan-Flint, a very social-media happy campus. There is a Facebook and Twitter page for the school itself, along with several of the clubs and organizations here on campus. It makes it very easy and efficient to communicate to the student body about campus closings, emergencies, and other important events going on in our little world.

While the school and campus-related organizations use social media as a way to communicate with students, I have not had much experience using it to communicate with professors. All of our outside the classroom communication is done through the school emailing system in which every address ends in, “@umflint.edu.” I am fond of this method because I always know who it is from, and it just makes me feel more secure about discussing my grades, future assignments and dates.

I love the fact that the school itself uses social media to communicate with its students, because not only does the school publish information, it gives the students an outlet to release their questions and concerns. Whenever anybody posts something to the school “Wall” on Facebook, (if it is legitimate), it is responded to in a clear, concise manner. My school also publishes self-taken photos of students in their Michigan gear when they are anywhere outside of Michigan! I think that is really cool because it shows how far our school travels and it spreads the word about us.

All in all, my college does a really great job of incorporating the new technology and methods into our continuing education without overdoing it. In an age where everything seems to be public, Michigan has done a very nice job of creating a system with a nice balance between public sources such as Facebook and Twitter, and private matters like emailing.

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