Fall Children’s Consignment Sale-Loudoun Fairfax Multiples Club

Twice a year, the Loudoun-Fairfax Multiples Club holds a consignment sale for children’s clothing and supplies. Held at the Countryside Elementary School, this sale brings in hundreds of people looking for great bargains on everything they need for their child. Join the great sale that is being held October 1, 2011 from 9am-12pm.

The multiples club sale is put on by mothers who have multiples (twins, triplets), but recent sales have opened up to friends of these mothers so there is more supply. This way there is still plenty for everybody to purchase due to the popularity of this sale. The fall sale will primarily have winter clothing, but you can still find some clothing for the warmer months.

What is great about this sale is that you can find great deals on children’s clothing, toys, and accessories. Compared to other local consignment sales, you can find items at about half the cost of what you would be paying at the other sales. A pair of jeans can be acquired for $2, tops in the $1-2 range, and toys are usually priced at about 25% of what it cost retail. Arrive early so you can find the best deals.

Countryside Elementary School is very convenient to route 7, just off of Countryside. Park in the larger parking lot on the left. It is best to come prepared with a bag so you can carry items around with you. There is also a holding area available for those who want to place bigger items on hold while they peruse the rest of the sale. However, one big difference with this consignment sale is only checks and cash are accepted. Absolutely no credit cards are accepted so come prepared with the proper payment. See you there!

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