Fallacy of Teaching Creationism as Scientific Fact

I feel that, as someone who taught Comparative Religion, I must rebut those wanting creationism taught in public schools. First, Creationism is not a true scientific theory. It is mainly a philosophical religious movement that seeks to refute true science by using the Bible as a pure source of explanation using the hypothesis of an all-powerful creator (e.g. “God”) .

If one wants to look closer into the fallacy of the bible look no further than the following: The “six days” of creation probably were not true days as creationism suggests and its assertion about the separation of evening and morning, is also not correct, since according to the Bible, the greater light (sun) and lesser light (moon) were not created until the fourth “day”, therefore there could not have been a “24 hour day” since no clocks were in existence to actually measure the time difference.

Science, contrary to creationism, does determine both fact and truth through measurable objective observations. The Bible is strictly a subjective medium providing no proven scientific or historical objective observations since its authorship is composed of the writings of many people over the centuries, and reinterpreted by different scribes, politics and philosophies. Thus the Bible cannot be interpreted literally to prove anything. If one were to do so, then one would believe the description of the Sun and moon as “lights” in the Bible to be true, yet we know, through science, that while the sun generates energy and light, the moon only reflects light. A trip to the Creation Museum in Kentucky is truly a journey into subjective fantasy since it is really a homage to a certain religious philosophy. In one case showing man and dinosaurs existing at the same time, and heaven forbid if any of the staff there overhear a visitor stating anything to refute the “teaching” at the museum, for they will escort said individual out the door.

Again “Creationism” is nothing more than religion cloaked in the guise of science. It has NO proven scientific basis, uses only the bible as its source. Therefore it is nothing more than approach to teach one brand of religious philosophy. The bible is not and never has been proven to be a true, objective, identifiable source for either history or science, since its authorship has spanned centuries and its original documents have been changed and reinterpreted by hundreds of vocal renditions, scribes, politics, and translations. There is no one authoritative source of the biblical writings and no proof of the actual authors of the various writings. The biblical writings can only be subjectively interpreted since no original documents or sources survive. There is absolutely NO objective proof of the existence of a “god” or “divine being” that created the universe, earth or life. It is all religious/faith-based subjectivity. And it is unconstitutional to be taught in public schools as science or fact.

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