Family Trip to San Antonio

Family Trip to San Antonio

March 2007

The Ride

We didn’t have time to see the world. So, we thought we’d at least see a little more of Texas.

If I can’t make it to Tennessee the radio can always bring Nashville to me.

All these Texas churches give the sinners somewhere to go. Roadhouse saloon on Saturday night.
Then the body turns back into a temple on Sunday.

The sign says Welcome to Waco. They make movies about cult leaders and serial killers all

the time. Rarely do they make movies about poets. Still, I’d rather be a poet.

Writers try to keep you out of their heads to keep their ideals crisp. If you want to know what I’m
thinking, read my work.

Front Seat Conversation

Who’s stealing all the signs along the highway?

If you look around you’ll probably find something to write about.

Oh the lyrics written about Texas highways- a poet could wallpaper the studio and still have
plenty left over.

Reaching Our Destination

The sign says San Antonio. The clock reads one- thirty in the morning. We were serious about
finding a Best Western Suite. So, we didn’t get a room until three – thirty.

The accommodations could have been better, but breakfast was great.

The kids saw a little boy in character pajamas and funny house slippers waiting for his morning meal.
Zoey commented what a cute little boy. Paul said I want some shoes like his.

We had three or four hours sleep. Kelly ask me how I could be so motivated. Gratitude. Thanks honey for the trip.

 The Alamo

Walking in the energy is overwhelming.

Sign Says Don’t Touch the Walls. They’re made from dried mud and rocks. It’s called Adobe.

Something we didn’t expect to see… vandelism… writings on the wall.

The Alamo isn’t just a memorial for Texans. Fifteen people from Kentucky died here.
Germans, Englishmen and Irishmen also fought to their death.

Davey Davey Crocket

David Crockett from Tennessee was among the fallen soldiers.

Little known fact: After the War

The Alamo was an army warehouse 1840’s – 1870’s.

Leaving the Alamo

We spotted a street preacher standing outside the three hundred year old church.

On the River Walk

Fun Fact: Ducks swim in the water, but they get out to take baths.

Daffy Duck is classified as a Mallard.

Interesting Sighting:

On the boat ride we saw a man in a cowboy hat wearing a Superman shirt.

Fact or Fiction

We spotted Johnny Depp on the riverwalk. He wore a white pirate shirt and his hair was pulled back.

Lunch on the River

I’ll say this about the Hard Rock Cafe, they have some hard core prices.

Eric Clapton started the inclusion of memorabilia at a nook in England before the hard rock as we
know it today.

Our waitress said,” absolutley you can take pictures in here.”

I replied,” you can’t do that inside, The Alamo.”

A Cat Like That…

On the river we met a friendly feline who was out shopping for hugs or whatever she
or he could find.

In the Cavern with Clementine, Met a Miner

Rocks and more rocks… what are we going to do with all these rocks?

I never thought people could live inside a cave until I started picturing where to put the t.v.

Our guide couldn’t speak her way out of a well and my husband kept correcting her under
his breath.

The kids weren’t afraid they’d get hurt, but I was intent on not making the news.

Leaving the Caverns

Beware of angry tourists.

On the way home:

We were both exhausted. Hubby said I sat there with the pen in my hand for a long time, too tired
to write. The kids slept all the way there and the whole way back. I’m glad somebody got enough
sleep. I hit the sheets the minute we made it in.

Some guy on the radio, some infamous rock star from a lost era thinks big hair is still in.

We’re in Wacko again. Just leaving Wacko.

Comtemplation after the trip…

My mind is so empty all I have to fill it up with are deep thoughts.









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