Famous Sports Birthdays on November 28

You ever wondered what famous sports personalities were born today? This is a series that will list some of the most famous sports birthdays on each day. These sports figures will often come from the NFL, NBA, MLB and the NHL. There will also be birthdays from other sports like NASCAR and professional golf. We will also say happy birthday to the most famous people in MMA, boxing and the Olympics.

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1931 Dervla Murphy is an Irish touring cyclist and author of adventure travel books for over 40 years.

1942 Paul Warfield, American football player and Hall of Fame wide-receiver in the NFL

1958 Dave Righetti, American baseball player and pitcher for the New York Yankees, he was the first player in history to both pitch a no-hitter and also lead the league in saves in his career

1962-2002 Davey Boy Smith, English professional wrestler, “The British Bulldog”, he died from a heart attack because of anabolic steroids use

1963 Johnny Newman, American basketball player, NBA small forward who played for many teams

1964 John Burkett, American baseball player and part-time professional bowler who has bowled 12 perfect games

1965 Matt Williams, American baseball player, MLB third-baseman who was accused of using steroids in the steroids era of baseball

1969 Robb Nen, American baseball player, a closer in MLB

1984 Marc-Andre Fleury, Canadian ice hockey player, goaltender for the Pittsburgh Penguins

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