Famous Sports Birthdays on Veterans Day November 11

You ever wondered what famous sports personalities were born today? This is a series that will list some of the most famous sports birthdays on each day. These sports figures will often come from the NFL, NBA, MLB and the NHL. There will also be birthdays from other sports like NASCAR and professional golf. We will also say happy birthday to the most famous people in MMA, boxing and the Olympics.

Today is Veterans Day; thank a veteran for their service. Remember all the veterans who gave their live to make us a free country. Veteran’s Day is a day to give thanks to all of those who served our country in all the wars, remember a lot of famous athletes served during war times.

You born on this day

Personalities from sports

God given talent


1891-1954 Rabbit Maranville, American baseball player and Hall of Fame shortstop/second baseman in MLB, he played 23 years in MLB

1926-1998 Harry Lumley, Canadian ice hockey player, Hall of Fame goaltender in the NHL

1938 Ants Antson, Estonian speed skater who won Olympic Gold

1946-1988 Al Holbert was an American automobile racing driver who was a five-time champion of the IMSA Camel GT series.

1959 Lee Haney, American bodybuilder who won the Mr. Olympia title eight times

1963 Monty Sopp, American professional wrestler, one of the New Age Outlaws

1973 Melissa Stark, American sportscaster/journalist on the NFL Network who used to work for ESPN

1980 Willie Parker, American football player who played for the Pittsburgh Steelers

1985 Austin Collie, American football player, wide-receiver for the Indianapolis Colts

1986 Mark Sanchez, American football player for the New York Jets

1986 Victor Cruz, American football player, wide-receiver for the New York Giants

It happens once a century, 11,11,11

Thank a Veteran today on Veterans Day

Come back tomorrow for more Sport Stars Birthdays

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