Far from Paradise

We know it’s true;
we always got the blues.
We’ll always pay the dues,
until we finally see the clues.

The ipad, the iphone, the video game;
eventually they all could drive us insane.
No need for true joy to be on the wane;
our habits, for sure, they really must change.

Nothing wrong with modern technology;
when used reasonably, a productive ideology.
The cell phone also, oh how it’s misused;
it’s quite like drinking too much booze.

I’m driving there, oh my, close call;
someone’s texting, now I’m ready to bawl.
Someday, maybe, they’ll eradicate reckless driving;
until then, this is very disturbing.

It may be corny, but it’s true;
electronic bubbleheads, stuck in the stew.
A brand new device, but with no wholesome advice;
they call it progress, but it’s far from paradise.

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