Fast Five, Wins the Action Movie Drag Race of 2011

If I were to choose one word to describe this move it would be, surprise!

It simply delivers everything you expect and a lot of things you don’t expect; distinguishing it from previous installments. Most of the surprises left me with a smile on my face, which is the best type of surprise mind you. Because I hate spoilers; rest assured I won’t be disclosing anything jeopardizing the fun factor of this movie.

Set in Rio Brazil, it is not your usual protagonist Vs. antagonist plot; egos do collide in more ways than you think and it was fun to see the characters reacting to one another. Car enthusiasts will not be disappointed; there are ample samples from the world of hyper cars, Euro tuners, American muscle and of course Japanese ‘driftsters’. The action sequences are without doubt thrilling and captivating but It is not all fun and flames though. There are a number of things you can take by pondering every character’s perspective and how they choose to prioritize the things they want most in life.

The scenery is quite striking for a street racing/action flick and while some dialogue was painstakingly corny, the laughs I heard around the theater were confirmation of its effectiveness. Based on the confines of the characters, the acting performances were on par. The soundtrack is sophisticated for an action movie, you probably won’t recognize its beauty from the first viewing but some tracks were quite euphonious and surprising given the type of movie. You’ll find yourself leaving the theater with a different feeling, you didn’t just watch a fast and furious movie; you watched something of a more sophisticated movie.

The only person I see ranting about this movie, and again I’m not saying why, would be a physicist; everyone else should be satisfied with this production. I’m not sure if they can top this effort; it will take something profoundly original and mind boggling to top this last chapter; considering it is the last chapter. ‘Fast Five’ is my personal favorite installment from the ‘The Fast and Furious’ franchise and is definitely worth two screenings at the movies. Finally, heed my words moviegoers; do not leave the theater the second the credits start rolling, stay put please…stay put.

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