Father’s, Seize Your Families! Part Two

It is an awesome responsibility being a father but one that has a great reward. The most important blessing the Lord has given us is our everlasting souls. You can never lose sight of the fact that you are guiding the spiritual destiny of your family. With all that you have or will every have turn to the Lord for everything. Love and acknowledge the Lord and thank Him for His many wonderful blessings. Ask for His guidance and direction in all that you do. He will make your paths straight. Take control of the physical and spiritual reins of your family through Him. You are the one who has been called to do so. So do it with all your might. Never give in or give up! It is your calling! Take hold of it and succeed for His glory.
Prevent your family from harm. There is no longer a you as an individual anymore when you are a family. Your family should always come before you, no exceptions. Your priorities are to the Lord first, and then to your family. What you know of as yourself has to be forgotten and a new purpose is now set before you. Remember where you came from and how you got here, but you have started a new life in your family.

They are first before you in everything you do, remember that. When there is a shortage of food you do not eat until your family has eaten first. You will lay your life down for everyone of them if need be. Show the unconditional love for your family that God has shown for all His children by the sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ for our sins. That kind of love is what we should hope to attain as our calling as fathers. Love it! Embrace that you are a father! It is a wonderful blessing from God to be afforded the opportunity to guide your family in this life. The love you give will be returned to you not only from your family, but from our God as well. Nurture your family in all the best love that our Father has shown us. Raise them up in a happy, healthy, loving, Christian family environment that always praises our Lord’s holy name. Truly, it is because of Him that we have all that we have. Never lose sight of that. Turn all God’s blessings to us back to praise to Him.

Truly, without regard for anything of yourself you must put away all selfishness. There is no longer a me as a father, but is now we. We are all going to church. We are all going to the store. We are all going to pray before we eat. We will all get through the trials of life together. Truly, your family will be as strong as you are in God. You must find the time to turn to Him and seek His will, His forgiveness, and His strength. It is the father’s most awesome responsibility and joy to provide, protect, and prevent from harm all of your family. Stay focused in all that you do and do it through, with, and in our Lord God Almighty, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. That is where we fathers will succeed for our families. Remember you are in a spiritual fight for your families. Do not ever surrender even an inch of your families lives to the evil of the world! Always lead from the front and ensure that your family can keep up with you. Leave no one behind to the corruption of this world in sin. Solidify your bond with your family in the Holy Spirit and it will never be broken. Look to the day when the Lord comes to call on us fathers with happy hearts, because we know we have been good Shepherd’s to His children.

Chris is the author of the inspirational book “Spiritual Basic Training” Learn more at www.spiritualbasictraining.com to complete missions for a Spirit-filled life.
God Bless

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