Favorite Smartphone

These days, it is commonplace to have a smartphone. With all the smartphones available on the market, it takes a tech-savvy consumer to know which one to purchase.

In this article I will discuss my favorite smartphone, the iPhone 4. After reading this article you will realize why the iPhone is the way to go for smartphones.

My first smartphone was a Blackberry Curve for work. That phone is awful. Scrolling between emails is cumbersome, the operating system is not intuitive and surfing the web takes forever. Plus, there are far fewer applicaitons available for the Curve compared to an iPhone.

The iPhone 4 for Verizon is an amazing phone. It utilizes the best network available and has cool features, ease of use, quick web browsing and an endless supply of cool applications. I recommend the myfitnesspal and ihome applications. Words with Friends is a good one to keep in touch with you buddies.

In conclusion, whether you want a quick browser, lots of applications or ease of use, the iPhone 4 has it all.

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