Featherfisted Pound for Pound Boxer of All Time

If you think Paulie Malignaggi or Ivan Calderon are worst boxers think again, if you think they are featherfisted and they are the grandfather of the featherfisted boxing society well i’ve just found the Best Featherfisted Boxer of all Time. His name is Cesar Rene Cuenca from Argentina, he have all the reasons to be considered number one in the Featherfisted Pound for Pound Rankings.

He is undefeated with a recond of 40wins, without a loss, and here is the best part, out of his 42 fights he managed to knockout only one opponent. I really feel bad for the guy he have knockout, his knockout ratio is 2.38% which is really far from Malignaggi’s 18% and Calderon’s 16%. He also had 2 draws against fighters which doesn’t even have a 50% winning percentage.

The only opponent he had who has a good looking record was Alex De Jesus in 2009, prior to their fight De Jesus was 19wins which includes 13 knockouts with no defeat. Cuenca managede to win via unanimous and kept fighting opponents who happens to have a lot of losses and now he compiled a record of 40wins, no loss, and 2 no contest.

Its really hard to imagine wether this undefeated boxer would ever make it to stardom or fight for a world title but his boxing record would always be intriguing.

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