Feng Shui Elements: Decorating With Earth

Previously, we discussed integration of the fire element in Feng Shui interior design. Fire brings energy into a room, whereas Earth holds energy back to encourage stability. Earth qualities may be more desirable in certain areas of the home or life where grounding is needed.


The Earth element is indicative of its given form. It represents security, physical needs and the supportive nurturing of Mother Earth. Earth décor will make a space feel more dense and draw energy calmly inward. Earth energy moves slowly and brings peace to the occupants of the room.


Earth is the center of anything. It is considered Yin and feminine, passive, yet solid. Symbols of its element include anything earthy – plants and rocks, bricks and adobe, for example. Heavy or thick furniture holds energy down in Earth fashion, as do items low to the ground. Statues and Jade, which provide Earth luck, work well here. Its colors are darker than light, muddy or generally earthy colors. Use various shades of brown and muted yellows or beiges to promote its environment.


The shapes associated with this element are not as defined as those of the fire element. Using horizontal shapes and surfaces holds energy down and reflect its stable properties. Squares and rectangles of various shapes fall into this catagory. Round or rounded objects used minimally can add to the whole, such as terra cotta pots for plants. Built in or recessed appliances and electronics are preferred here.


Earth qualities in a room promote peace and completeness, but energy needs to flow outward and upward as well. Too much Earth can hold energy back. Adding fire to an Earth atmosphere will even it out and boost Earth qualities. Too much Earth in a room can stifle its occupants. Wood subdues Earth, and metal drains it. Try adding these elements to lessen the earthiness of a space.


Feng Shui Chic, by Sharon Stasney

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