Fertilize Your Flower Garden and Houseplants with Goldfish Aquarium Wastewater

Goldfish are one of the most commonly owned aquarium fish. If you have a goldfish aquarium as so many people do, you have to make water changes, and it is a waste to pour the wastewater down the drain when it can be an asset to your flower garden or house plants. Not only will you be reusing the wastewater you would normally discard to water your flowers and houseplants, you will be fertilizing your flowers and house plants as well. Goldfish produce much more waste than other aquarium fish, so their aquarium wastewater is very rich in materials that can fertilize a flower garden and houseplants. Goldfish waste is high in nitrogen, which is one of the many valuable resources needed for a flower garden. I have regularly used my goldfish wastewater to water my houseplants and flowers and they have flourished from it.

Goldfish fed a diet full of a variety of fruits and vegetables along with a high quality goldfish flake or pellet food will produce even more fertilizing materials. Goldfish will greatly benefit from eating vegetables and fruits such as peas, carrots, spinach, lettuce, endive, cantaloupe, oranges, honeydew, yellow squash, zucchini, cooked apples, and strawberries with all of the seeds removed. All of these fruits and vegetables aid digestion for goldfish and provide important vitamins and nutrients. The goldfish I currently own has been very healthy over the many years I have had him because of the variety of foods he consumes every day.

Only use your goldfish aquarium’s wastewater to fertilize your flower garden when you are using aquarium chemicals and products that are safe for plants. Most aquarium chemicals and products will have that information on the packaging or bottle. If the aquarium chemicals and products you are using do not have that information on the packaging or bottle, be cautious and do not use the wastewater to water your plants.

Many people have successfully used this fertilization technique for many years. There are entire greenhouses that raise fish, which completely rely on this type of fertilization. Remember the more fruits and vegetables your goldfish eats, the better the fertilizing qualities will be of the goldfish aquarium wastewater. When you use your goldfish aquarium wastewater to fertilize your flower garden, you will have a clean, healthy goldfish aquarium and a healthy, beautiful flower garden. Not only are goldfish wonderful pets, they are beneficial to flowers and houseplants as well.


Fish Wastewater Creates New Variety of Fertilizer http://www.theplainsman.com/pages/full_story/push?article-Fish+Wastewater+Creates+New+Variety+of+Fertilizer%20&id=3768603

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