First Person: How I Saved Over $200 on My Auto Insurance Premium

It is always a good idea to review your insurance policies every year to make sure you have all the protection you need, whether it is for your car or for your home. But if you don’t put it on your calendar an insurance premium notice can provide you with just the incentive you need, not only to review your protections but your prices. After an excellent “introductory” rate on our auto insurance we found that our premium increased by over $200.00 a year. That’s just enough to send me and my husband shopping for new car insurance.

The “honeymoon is over”

Auto insurance companies often offer you an amazing insurance premium rate at the beginning. But then as happens with so many relationships, the “honeymoon” is over and the premium rises. You start out with this relationship thinking it is one thing only to find out that it is quite another.

The blame game

“It’s that ticket you got 3 months ago.” “No it’s not it’s that claim we made after the car was hit in the parking garage.” Does this discussion sound like your household? I wanted to know why the premium went up, while my husband was all “business” and his attitude was “Raise my rates, fine there are plenty of other auto insurance providers out there.” He did the same thing he does when looking for price comparisons on just about anything else, he logged on to the Internet.

Car insurance quotes that “court” you

There are plenty of services available online to help you get a basic quote for auto insurance. But when you start to see premium offers coming in your inbox, don’t get too excited. Think of them like dating online where, the picture of your prospective date may be a few years old. Sure, that premium may exist somewhere in their system, but there is always a reason why the premium will be different from the quote presented. Some of those reasons include, your state’s specific rules regarding auto insurance coverage or they found out about your less than stellar driving record.

As we looked closely at the top three insurance quotes, we found one to be a little less than all the others. But one thing that this auto insurance offered that no one else did was an extra savings plan. Apparently, certain fraternities have joined with service providers to negotiate a discount to their alumni. My husband’s drunken frat days did come in handy for something many years later!

The premium has been paid and our new cards are here and we are pretty excited about saving a few hundred dollars a year, especially since my first premium was doing during the Christmas spending spree.

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