Fish and Chips in Nova Scotia: My First Trip to Another Country

The first time I traveled to another country I was uncertain about what to expect. It did help that the first place I visited outside of the US was Nova Scotia. Traveling to Canada is not like traveling to a far off country. I did not need to learn to speak another language or depend upon a translator. Though there were differences in the dialect, which I grew to like those differences.

Traveling to another country is not much different from traveling to another state, though there is more involved these differences are not difficult if adequate planning is involved. I was fortunate to have went with a group on my first trip to another country. The trip planners were far from perfect and the trip was not planned as well as it could have been, but the trip was successful despite the lack in leadership.

I did have to obtain a new passport. Mine was stolen in 2008. It was somewhat easy submitting for a new one even with the short wait before my new identification arrived in the mail.

The part I feared about the trip were the flights. We transferred a couple of times before reaching our destination. I admit that I am fearful of flying. My relationship with flying is a love hate relationship in which I hold tight to the arm rests and pray until we’re at a certain altitude. After the take off I am fine unless we hit some turbulence.

The flights to Nova Scotia went well at first due to the fact that I could watch a movie. The last flight there was not a movie to watch. I believe I prayed the entire flight. It was not until we were walking through the airport that I was able to relax. I was glad that we were only heading to Nova Scotia. I could not imagine what it would be like to fly to Australia or some other distant region where you are required to be on a plane for so many hours.

It was great visiting a new place. It was so green and the people were very friendly. I began to wish I could move there to live. I imagined I would like to live there until I was told that they had just went from months of snow to the bright green I was falling in love with.

The one thing about visiting a different country is that sometimes you want to remain there. At the end of the trip, after meeting so many nice people and seeing such beautiful sites, I did not want to board the plane. It could have been partially to due to my fear of flying but I like to think it was mostly because I fell in love with the people and places of Nova Scotia.

The first time traveling outside of your own country can be fun if well planned and you may want to stay in that country once you get there, but there is nothing like the first time you travel to a country. I have not made it back to Nova Scotia but my hope is that one day I will be able to go there again. It would be great to have the fish and chips again.

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