Five Benefits of Peppermint Oil for the Hair

There are tons of oils out there for the hair, but it seems that peppermint oil is the underdog amongst the other hair oils. it is sad, because peppermint oil has so many great benefits. Most hair oils only help one or two things for the hair. However, peppermint oil is good for five great reasons:

1. Creates a Tingling Sensation After applying peppermint oil to the scalp, you will notice a tingling sensation. Tingling of the scalp has been known to stimulate the hair follicles and increase circulation. The tingling of the scalp may be accompanied by a cooling sensation as well. Kind of like the same feeling you get in your mouth when you eat a peppermint.

2. Has a Great Smell Peppermint oil obviously smell like peppermint. Peppermint has the type of smell that has a relaxing effect. The peppermint smell will stay in your hair up to three days after using the oil. You may get a lot of compliments of how great you smell.

3. Hydrates the Hair Peppermint oil makes your hair feel so soft and shiny. All it takes is for you to rub a little on your hands and apply to the hair strands. You will definitely notice a difference and fall in love with peppermint oil.

4. It’s Not Greasy Most oils are very greasy and may leave stains on your belongings, but peppermint oil is a light oil. It’s okay if you get a little on your paper. It will only leave a pleasant smell and nothing more. Also, because of its light nature, it will not weigh your hair down and can be used with heat appliances.

5. Can promote faster hair growth Peppermint oil promotes faster hair growth by opening the pores in the scalp and keeping it clean. A clean, unclogged scalp helps hair to seep through the follicles faster and out of the scalp. Faster hair growth is always a plus and a great sign that your scalp is healthy.

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