Five Cities in Europe Perfect for Foodies

What is a foodie? A foodie is a person that travels the world in search of delicious cuisine. They basically like to taste the world so to speak. It’s an expensive hobby to be a foodie, but you will be rewarded for your efforts. Knowing the best places to dine in Europe is a must for any food enthusiast. This is a guide for the top five cities in Europe for foodies, so eat your hearts out.

Copenhagen, Denmark: The Peder Oxe in Copenhagen, Denmark is an excellent place to go its very tourist friendly. With a menu in Danish or English they have something for everybody. The conversion rate is $1 = 5.14 Danish Kroner which roughly comes out to $33 a plate. The steak left me speechless served with fresh vegetables and a baked potato Copenhagen never tasted so good.

Rome, Italy: The love capitol of the world the 0, 75 restaurant is an elegant place to dine. They have happy hour for all you drinkers out there. Classic Italian cuisine a plate can go for $30-$70 and it’s worth every penny. The best thing about this restaurant is it’s within walking distance of the Kolbe Hotel.

Berlin, Germany: Barcomis is a wonderful place to take the kids. The pricing is perfect if you don’t want to spend too much money. Barcomis has an assortment of cakes, brownies, muffins, and pies. Barcomis is unique because it has a deli and bakery all in one.

Athens, Greece: Tiki Bar & Restaurant has an amazing atmosphere it reminds me of the jungle. This is a new establishment so the menu is limited to finger foods, drinks, and the Tiki burger. The Tiki Bar makes up for it with live music bands, and a tourist hotspot.

Holland, Amsterdam: Brasserie Vlaming is a hip little restaurant in Holland, Amsterdam. Brasserie offers international cuisine with plates starting at $30-$60. The location is easy to find and they also have a bar & grill if you prefer a more casual atmosphere.

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