Five Facts About Airedales

Whether you are contemplating adopting an Airedale or find yourself a new owner there are a few things to learn about this interesting dog breed. Airedales are great hunting dogs, courageous companions and relatively quiet dogs. Now let’s look into the history of the Airedale and what they do best.

The Terrier Group
The Airedale is a man made dog breed developed in Britain in the 1800’s. Mixing Terrier bloodlines with those of the best hounds became the origin of the Airedale Terrier. These dogs were bred for all around hunting and tracking skills, along with agility and speed. The Airedale is the Cadillac of the Terrier breeds.

Airedales Were Used as War Dogs in WWI
Used as one of the first war dogs, Airedales proved themselves time and again in the battlefields during WWI for Great Britain and Germany. The dogs were used to carry communication to soldiers fighting battles and were said to continue with their assignments despite injuries to themselves. The Airedale was also used to take emergency medical supplies to wounded soldiers until help could arrive.

High Energy Dogs as Comfortable on Water as on Land
Airedale Terriers were developed to be great hunters both on land and in the water. Originally bred for beaver hunting in Britain, hunters found that these dogs have an amazing ability to track and flush birds on land as well.

Airedales Aren’t Vocal Dogs
Though they can bark, and some do more than others, generally Airedales are quiet dogs. You can be sure that if your Airedale is barking there is a good reason for it. For this reason the breed makes a great watch dog for the home or farm.

Fast Trick Learners
Airedale Terriers can’t learn tricks fast enough. In fact, this dog breed loves to learn new things. You will definitely need a lot of thinking toys for a young Airedale to stay sufficiently busy during the day. A bored Airedale may get into trouble trying to find something to do which may come in the form of destructive behavior like digging holes or climbing fences.

The Airedale Terrier is a well rounded family dog. With a reserved bark response to danger these dogs make great watch dogs for the home. If you enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, hunting and fishing the Airedale will be a good fit in your active family.

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