Five Fun Halloween Costumes Based on New York City Celebrities

Halloween brings out the monsters in everyday people. The costume crazed holiday can also put the star shine in the common man and women by turning them into celebrities. New York City boasts a fair share of ‘stars’, and here are just a few of the bigger – and wackier names – that can make some really fun, or plain wacky, Halloween costumes.

Donald Trump

Like him or not, the Donald gets more press and face time than Chris Christie. A costume telling the world you’re a Donald Trump fan is a pretty easy get up to get going. Simply wear one of your more banker, Wall Street looking suits – don’t forget that power tie – and strut around saying things like, “You’re fired!” Remember, of course, your hair has gotta be ‘unique’ just like Donald Trump’s. How exactly to achieve this may be the most challenging thing about this Halloween costume.

Mike Bloomberg

Mayor Mike Bloomberg is a politician who scores popularity points on both sides of the aisle. He’s also a billionaire – and who doesn’t love rich guys? Bloomberg may have aspirations to run for President one day – just like Donald Trump – but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Bloomberg seems like he likes New York City far too much to go to Washington. Like Trump, simply wear a smart power suit and tie and go around saying, “New York City is the greatest city in the world, and I’ve helped make it better!”

Anthony Weiner

This one won’t get much more play next Halloween, so go for broke this time. Isn’t that what Anthony Weiner did? A costume of the most infamous political scandal in recent years may not go over with some, but adult only Halloween parties will love seeing your Weiner drag – and at a ‘weenie roast’ – he’ll really be a hit! Just like the others, wear that business minded suit, and go around saying, “Someone hacked my account! I did send girls my photos. I did nothing wrong. Twitter sucks! Twitter ruined my career!’

Barbara Walters or Kelly Ripa

It was hard picking one of the ABC talk show girls – so I picked both. Barbara Walters is a veteran chatter, while Kelly Ripa, though established, is still a bit fresh faced. Speaking of faces or Halloween masks for these two, just keep blond in mind – sharp dressed business suits for Barbara, more youngish attire for Kelly Ripa. Say stuff like, “Rosie O’Donnell nearly ruined my talk show!” and “Regis Philbin is retiring – hire my husband as my co-host!’ while chatting up trick-or-treaters.

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