Five Holiday Foods Every Dieter Should Avoid

Dieting during the holidays is never an easy task. After all, during the holidays it seems as if food is everywhere, and it’s usually not healthy food either. Dieting during the holidays can be frustrating and difficult, but being aware of foods that are especially bad for those who are trying to lose weight can help dieters make better choices. Here are some common holiday foods that every dieter should do their best to avoid.

As delicious as eggnog may be, it’s killer on calories. A single glass of eggnog usually contains well over 300 calories. Homemade eggnog can be even worse than store bought eggnog, containing high amounts of sugar, high fat milk and cream products, and eggs. Avoid the eggnog if you can. If you absolutely must have some eggnog, opt for a store bought low-fat version, or add a small amount to a glass of skim milk instead.

Candied sweet potatoes
Sweet potatoes aren’t bad for you. In fact, sweet potatoes are actually a great food for those who are trying to lose weight. The problem with sweet potatoes during the holidays is that they are usually serve candied; covered with brown sugar, and baked with an incredible layer of marshmallows on top. Sweet potatoes cooked this way are packed full of unnecessary sugar (and calories) that dieters should do their best to avoid.

Pumpkin pie
Pumpkin pie might seem as though it may be a healthy dessert choice, however, in most cases it isn’t. Pumpkin pie is usually made with high fat milk products, loads of sugar and other high fat and high calorie ingredients. Unless you specifically know that a pumpkin pie was made to be low calorie or low fat, don’t trust it. Opt for some cranberry sauce instead.

Mashed potatoes
Most would think that mashed potatoes are a healthy holiday dinner choice, however, a single serving of mashed potatoes can contain up to 250 calories. It makes sense if you consider how much butter and milk are poured into mashed potatoes to give them that creamy appearance and texture. Instead of mashed potatoes, opt for some green beans or carrots instead; your waist will thank you.

Fruit cake
Fruit cake, despite it’s healthy sounding name, is actually worse than pumpkin pie. A single serving of fruit cake contains over 400 calories. Not to mention that fruit cake is typically loaded with sugar syrup, flour and other high-fat ingredients. If you’re trying to watch your figure, fruit cake is best used as a door stopper.

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