Five Holiday Foods That Won’t Kill Your Waistline

Dieters often fear the holidays. The holidays are surrounding by many delicious (and fattening) foods that can make it difficult for those who are trying to lose weight to stick to their dieting plans. Holiday meals and festivities are often the root of many winter-time diets gone awry. There are, however, many great holiday foods that are good for you and less damaging to weight loss efforts than others.

Cranberries, especially unsweetened, are an exceptionally healthy food for holiday dieters. Cranberries are packed full of vitamin C and health-promoting antioxidants. Cranberries are also a good source of fiber, which can help keep bowel movements regular.

Turkey, without the skin, is an exceptional source of protein and is relatively low in calories. Turkey is high in folic acid, vitamin B, zinc and potassium. Turkey is a great choice to fill up on during the holidays, however, make sure to avoid turkey that has been deep fried or is drenched in gravy, as those preparation methods increase the calorie content significantly.

Sweet potatoes
Sweet potatoes are a holiday classic. Sweet potatoes pack a good punch when coming to being low in calories and are a very filling food making you less likely to be as hungry after consuming them. Sweet potatoes also contain beta-carotene, the same substance that carrots are famed for having because it’s good for your eyes. When having sweet potatoes at the holidays, be sure to pass on the marshmallows though, as those marshmallows are nothing but pure, melted sugar.

Green beans
Green beans are especially low in calories and taste great by themselves with a little salt and pepper. Green beans are packed full of vitamins and contain fiber as well. Don’t hesitate to help yourself to this great vegetable during the holiday season!

Any kind of squash is usually a healthy option during the holidays, but take particular care to make sure it isn’t slathered with butter or sugar. Acorn squash, spaghetti squash and even pumpkin are great choices for holiday dieters, but be wary of fancier dressed-up squash dishes, such as pumpkin pie, that likely contain sugar, milk and other calorie-rich ingredients.

As with eating during non-holiday times, keep in mind that a great deal of your dieting and weight loss success relies on your ability to eat in moderation. Don’t punish yourself or pass up a food you really would like to eat, but be sure to eat more fattening and calorie-rich food in moderation. Instead of drenching your turkey breast in high-fat gravy, opt for a tablespoon or two of gravy and dip your turkey into it as you take a bite. Moderation will provide more results during the holiday season than complete and total restriction.

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