Five of the Best Songs yet by Australian Folk Group Boy and Bear

Boy and Bear is a talented folk-rock band from Sydney, Australia that boats a unique sound that is all their own. Their songs feature Australian accented harmonies, skillful guitar sets and a vibe that will keep you coming back for more. Here is a look at five of the best songs by Boy and Bear yet. If you’re not tapping your foot by the end of this article, you’d better get your pulse checked.

“Feeding Line”

I was first introduced to Boy and Bear with their song “Feeding Line.” With the first few notes, I was hooked, and their music has been on my mp3 on loop ever since. “Feeding Line” has a great vibe to it. So much so, that it was the leading track on our road trip playlist. Boy and Bear produces music that is a joy to listen to. For added entertainment value, watch their music video for “Feeding Line.”

“Blood to Gold”

Another song by Boy and Bear that has an amazing vibe is “Blood to Gold.” From the very first note, “Blood to Gold” has a life of its own, and it grabs the listener by the arms and transports you to another place and time. This is another example of a great Boy and Bear song with an equally awesome music video.

“The Storm”

“The Storm” has a deeper and darker vibe than many of the other Boy and Bear songs. Boy and Bear took that opportunity to show just how brilliant they are. While this is not an upbeat tune like so many of their songs, it shows just how diverse and talented they are.

“Golden Jubilee”

“Golden Jubilee” is a song by Boy and Bear that goes right for the jugular. This song has an amazing upbeat, feisty vibe that has me tapping my feet each and every time I hear it. “Golden Jubilee” is definitely worth a listen.

“Lordy May”

“Lordy May” is a song with a pulse of its own. This song tells a story, with its poetic lyrics and soulful crooning. Add in the amazing melody and you have one heck of a beautiful song.

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