Five Quality TV Shows for Kids

A child’s involvement with technology is inevitable today. What type of interaction they have with that technology is up to us, as responsible adults, to monitor. Television is no exception to the rule. In fact, it’s probably the most prominent and earliest exposure to technology that a child experiences. There are some appalling television shows out there nowadays; however, there are also some that could be beneficial to our children.

The Fresh Beat Band on Nick Jr. is one of the more refreshing shows out there today. It may not teach arithmetic or English skills, but it does teach kids to work through problems. There are also many types of music on the show. Introduction to music can be a positive experience for everyone, not just children.

Another great show on Nick Jr. is Dino Dan. This show is enthralling for kids who love dinosaurs. Beyond that, it’s extremely educational. Not only does it teach kids about different dinosaurs, it also teaches peer interaction as the main character, Dan, has many adventures with his school mates.

A nostalgic favorite of our whole family is the 80s cartoon Voltron via Netflix. OK, so this technically isn’t a current TV show, but it does teach morals that we grew up with as kids. You can find just about any show from your childhood either online or on the network “the Hub” (which has titles such as “Jem”).

Aside from being the show on this list with the catchiest songs, Wonder Pets on Nick Jr. is a great example of character building television. Over and over again, the Wonder Pets come to the rescue of every animal imaginable, teaching kids compassion and peer relations. The fact that your child won’t be able to stop singing the songs proves that it has that highly sought after “kid appeal.”

Dinosaur Train on PBS Kids is another great show on childrens television in this day and age. The episodes are just long enough (and just simple enough) to describe and transport preschool-to-school-age kids to prehistoric eras while keeping children engaged long enough for them to absorb the educational material.

If you keep your eyes open while your child flips through the channels, you can find some quality TV. In a world filled with gory, often inappropriate TV shows, it’s invigorating to know there is still quality programming out there for families to enjoy together.

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