Fix the Problem of Slow PC

Have you ever remembered that since when your computer started to running slow? it seems that a new computer could only stay in highly-effective state for a very short time. But why?

Well, there are many reasons for a slow computer.

In most case, it is mainly because there are excessive background programs running simultaneously. None of them could run smoothly and these programs leave no enough space and resources for other programs that you newly add to run.

You can fix this problem in two ways: using anti-spyware to view running programs and to disable any of those background programs; or disable unneeded background programs manually. For manually disable programs, you need professional skills.

Second reason for slow computer is that your system is cluttered with too many junk files. Junk files like temporary internet files, internet history, windows history and applications history, unwanted software and so on would occupy large space of your hard drive disk and degrade your computer performance. Besides, all these files would scatter all over the disk and slow down the response of programs you are running. Therefore, the more junk files, the more disorganized, and the slower your computer is.

In order to keep your hard drive disk clean and neat, you can regularly clean and defragment it. Remove unneeded files and run defragmentation, you can free up much more space for your computer to run smoothly.

Viruses are another big problem. Using a good antivirus is the solution. Actually safe browsing is also the key to avoid virus infection. Internet is the gateway of all kinds of virus, spyware, malware, Trojan horses, and other malicious entries. Try using safe browsing so that chances will be reduced or get minimized.

And finally, inadequate RAM. The quality and performance of computer memory or RAM has increase significantly the past couple of years. A better performance of computer is mainly due to good and large RAM that your computer has. However, if you do not need too much memory then only pursuing large RAM is a waste of money. If you only use your computer for web surfing and email, 256-512MB is pretty enough for you to achieve good performance of your computer, but if you want to play big vedio games, then the memory you need have never limitation.

Now you have understood why pc slow, and how to deal with the problem that pc is running slow, pc is very slow would not be a tricky problem any more.

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