Flash Player Crashes – Easy & Quick Ways to Fix It!

Adobe Flash Player is an essential plug-in required for watching the online videos and playing online games. Recently, a number of users posted their problems on various forums regarding Flash Player plug-in crashes. Let us discuss a few reasons behind it and the simpler ways to fix the problem at your home.

Reinstall the Flash Player Plug-In

Flash Player plug-in crashes when its files are corrupted. First, disable it and completely remove it from your computer. Then, run its setup to reinstall it on your computer.

1. Open Internet Explorer. 2. Click the Tools menu, and then select Manage Add-Ons. 3. Select Adobe Flash Player from the displayed list, and click Disable button. 4. Close the window. 5. Click Start | Control Panel. 6. Click Programs | Uninstall a Program. 7. Select Adobe Flash Player Plug-In from the list, and click Uninstall button. 8. Follow the on screen wizard and restart your computer when it is finished.

Remove Corrupted Flash Player Registry Entries

In most cases I have seen, the Flash Player registry settings were in bad state. For example, registry entries with missing/ invalid data were found. Remove such entries and repair the registry as soon as possible.

1. Download a Registry Fixing Tool, for example, Reginout Registry Cleaner. 2. Install and run the application. 3. From the Registry Cleaner tab, click Start Scan in the welcome page. 4. When the scan results appear, click the button Fix Now to start repairing the problems found.

Why manual registry modification is prohibited?

I do not recommend you modifying the registry your own because:

1. Registry is a highly sensitive area (scientifically called, database) in your computer system. 2. If anything goes wrong while modifying the registry your own, it could make your system instable and your system may start crashing or showing errors & BSOD. 3. Not all readers are computer experts. Not all the readers have knowledge of finding errors from the registry and modifying it properly.

Disable your Antivirus Protection

Conflicts with your antivirus protection can result in Flash Player crashes. Disable your antivirus protection temporarily to fix the problem.

1. Click the Show Hidden Icons arrow on your System Tray. 2. Right click your antivirus software icon, and select Real-Time Protection | Disable. 3. If a confirmation message is appeared, confirm your action.

Remove the Temporary Internet Files

Clear the web browser cache, temporary internet files and other things that can result in Flash Player crashes. To do so, use the Disk CleanUp software.

1. Click Start | All Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Disk CleanUp. 2. Select a disk and click OK. 3. Follow the instructions your own.

Rename a Conflicting System File

A file called BtwVdpCapFilter1.dll sometimes results in Flash Player crashes. Rename it and re-start your web browser.

1. Close Internet Explorer. 2. Open My Computer, and browse the following location:


3. Rename the file BtwVdpCapFilter1.dll as backup_ BtwVdpCapFilter1.dll 4. Re-start Internet Explorer.

Download the following repair tool to automatically fix Adobe Flash Player crashes without doing anything with your computer. It is comparatively safe and quick option to fix your problem.


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