Flint Horror Con Brings New Scares Just in Time for Halloween

This year Flint, Michigan will have something new to get people into the spirit of Halloween. For the first time in the city’s history, a horror movie convention will be dragging itself up from the basement and out into the dusky light of downtown Flint. Flint Horror Con will be taking place on October 29, 2011 and people have already begun talking about what kind of spooky events will be in store for attendees.

Flint, Michigan is no stranger to the macabre. With the city’s annual Zombie Walk and Vertigo Theatrics ‘ yearly Vampire Ball, residents have already proven that they share an interest in everything scary. With the increasing film industry interest in Michigan as a whole, it was only a matter of time before Flint got its own horror convention.

Like similar conventions in other cities, Flint Horror Con will feature screenings of new and hard-to-find movies, special guests from the music and movie industry, and lots of vendors looking to peddle their unique wares. The freshest information about who (and what) will be attending can be found on the Flint Horror Con’s Official Facebook Page as well as at their website.

The most important part of a horror convention is certainly the movies, and Flint Horror Con has recently announced some of the films that will be featured this year. The most recent addition is Project Swan , an anthology film with directors from both Michigan and California. A few of the other films that have been announced are The Itallian Zombie Movie , Cosmos Locos , and Mondo Schlocko .

Attendees of the Flint Horror will also be treated to some special guests. Wolfman Mac of Chiller Drive-In fame will be appearing from 12PM to 4PM to share his scary movie expertise. Also scheduled to attend is Lucifer Fulci, bassist and and song-collaborator of the band Penis Flytrap. Michigan filmmaker Thomas Berdinski and actor/director/writer David Hayes are also on Flint Horror Con’s list of guests.

The Flint Horror Con will be taking place October 29, 2011 at the Masonic Temple in downtown Flint, Michigan. Admission is currently set at $10 and the doors will be opening at 12PM. For more information about guests, tickets, screenings, or anything else be sure to check out their official webpage or friend them on Facebook.

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