“Fly by Wire” – Book Review

Fly By Wire

Ward Larsen

Oceanview Publishing

Longboat Key, FL


978-1-933515-86-1, 2010, $25.95

Third-time novelist Ward Larsen proves yet again that he’s got the writing caliber of a best-selling author with his latest release, “Fly By Wire”. While utilizing his real-life experience as a pilot and an accident investigator, he weaves a seamless plot with action, suspense, and deception on every page. If you liked “The Perfect Assassin” or “Stealing Trinity”, you cannot miss “Fly By Wire”.

Main protagonist and accident investigator Frank ‘Jammer’ Davis may be headstrong and defiant but he’s also sharp. His attention to detail and the ability to get the job done rivals his ability to consistently clash with his superiors and colleagues. But when a revolutionary C-500 cargo jet crashes despite its state-of-the-art computer system, Jammer is handpicked to work the American side of the French-led crash investigation. As the search for answers becomes more and more complicated, a notorious terrorist causes problems on a worldwide scale and Jammer begins to wonder if his role in this investigation is not as straightforward as he initially thought. First impressions and outward appearances become untrustworthy sources while the accident itself holds the key to stopping a catastrophic chain reaction of global proportions – if Jammer can figure it out in time…

Larsen skillfully uses his own expertise in various fields to write a smart, fast-paced plot around current topics and plausible events. His character development maintains the same high standards as reflected in his previous works – spot on, exceptionally well written, and totally believable. Unlike other genre authors such as Clancy and Ludlum who release novel after novel with the same character (like Jack Ryan and Jason Bourne) while pushing them further into new and uncharted territory, Larsen presents new characters in fresh roles which gives each of his books a distinctively unique feel. This attribute gives his works a wider appeal to the various audience preferences in the thriller/suspense world.

“The Perfect Assassin” and “Stealing Trinity” author Ward Larsen once again aces style and substance in his new release, “Fly By Wire”. While the G-force action keeps readers hanging on for dear life, his memorable characters epitomize intelligence and unrelenting determination. A wild and exciting ride!

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