For a Sturdy Flip Phone, It’s the Samsung Convoy 2 for My Son

Recently, I was in the market for a basic phone for my thirteen year old son. I walked into the store and looked at several options. The salesman of course tried his best to sell me an Android, but I had my guard up. He had no chance in sucking me into the extra thirty dollar data package.

My son actually wanted a touch screen phone. As rough as he is on phones, the Cosmos Touch might have lasted him a week without having to do an insurance claim. After a couple hours of going back and forth through all the phones they carried, we finally settled on the Samsung Convoy 2. What a delight to finally have his phone picked out and activated.

After getting home with it, I had to play with it myself. I wanted to see what that little bad boy would actually do. To my surprise, it wasn’t bad. Nope. Not bad at all. I called my husband on it and put it on speaker phone. The speaker on it was better than my Droid. It was actually loud. Very loud. I had to adjust the volume on it.

While talking to my husband, I accidentally closed the flip on it when I put it up on a shelf while in the midst of doing laundry and talking. It didn’t cut him off. One of the cool little feature was to be able to talk in speaker phone mode and close the flip. Pretty cool, I thought.

So my son got his first call on the phone. To my surprise, the ring tone was very loud! So far this phone was putting the basic features of my Droid to shame! Others can hear well from the caller’s end. It doesn’t seem to drop calls. This phone also has very good reception.

It does have the push to talk feature on it, although we have not tried it out.

The camera on it is not horrible, although I know we won’t get a true digital camera on a little flip phone. It is not completely unfortunate though. The pictures are brilliant in color.

Another really cool feature this phone has is that the flash for photos also doubles as a flashlight. How cool is that!

This device seems very sturdy and he has dropped it about ten times already. It does not– like other phones– fall into pieces. It is light-weight and I believe it will actually last him a while. It better. I got him this one so we wouldn’t have to go through phones every few months for him.

All in all, I am very satisfied with the purchase of this phone. I would highly recommend it to other users who want a really good flip phone.

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