For the Love of Scooby Doo

I grew up watching Scooby Doo and trying to solve the crimes with the gangs. Sometimes I was able to pinpoint exactly who it would be while more complicated storylines were a bit harder to solve. After all, how can a 5 year old figure out there were three people to make the monster and help cover it up? Regardless if I could figure out who the villain was or not, this was my favorite television show growing up.

When the twins began watching movies and television, we tried watching Scooby Doo, but they didn’t have any interest. Until now! Now they love watching Scooby Doo at all times of the day. Luckily Cartoon Network has been playing Scooby Doo after 11 AM and we can watch some old episodes On Demand. The twins’ favorite Scooby Doo adventures are the movies though. Ironically the older episodes of Scooby Doo were rated G, before television shows had to get specific about the age range recommended to watch these shows. I was greatly surprised to see it get a rating of TV-7.

What makes a television show get a rating of TV-7? I began watching Scooby Doo at about 3 years old and it didn’t cause nightmares or any adverse effects. Sure, there are some parts that could be scary to smaller children, but some commercials are scarier than Scooby Doo! Another ironic twist is that Scooby Doo toys are found at Babies R Us and in the preschool section of Toys R Us. Seems like the toy store and the television network need to agree on what age group is appropriate for Scooby Doo. My vote is preschool as well. It would be great to play age appropriate programming for my preschoolers but it seems unless if I want to watch another repeat of The Wonder Pets or PBS shows for the next three years, that won’t be happening.

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