Four Reasons Why I’m Glad that Long Island Medium was Renewed

Theresa Caputo is trendy, confident, optimistic, businesswoman with a touch of homey. Yes, Theresa comes across as friendly, warm and approachable to those she knows and doesn’t know in this life and the afterlife. Its no mistake that its those qualities that made her mid-year series “Long Island Medium” a hit. According to Entertainment weekly, The Learning Channel network (TLC) decided recently to renewed her show for a second season beginning in March.

Now while Caputo is probably not the first psychic medium to have her own show, psychic John Edwards had a show a few years ago, is definitely one of the few to have her own reality series that works well in that format. She’s not preachy or teachy…you feel that she is herself and would be so if you met her on the street.

There are four reasons why Long Island Medium is such a hit:

Realism-Theresa Caputo is not in séance mode all day. Theresa Caputo you get the very human side of being a wife, mother, businesswoman, and medium all wrapped up in one for a fast pace 30 minutes in which very few will question her abilities. She does her abilities in real time. She alternates between housewife and the professional psychic medium which she mentions that she realized that she had the ability when she was four years of age. She can be the person on the street and is. She sports a hairstyle that could be said to be a high page boy which she quips “The higher the hair…the closer to God”. You also see her beyond the séance with all of her foiables.

Optism-Even if the news is not good, Caputo is able to transmit a feeling a finality that its okay to move on. In the end, she does what is needed. An example of this is an episode in which she has a séance with a woman and a cousin who come to get answers about the woman’s brothers death. Theresa has them remove any mementos of the deceased. The spirit let them know that he was okay and that he wanted them to stop the search for his killers and to go back to living their lives.

No Wandering From Side To Side-Caputo doesn’t pander from side to side, she tells it like it is. It’s individualistic and its obviously unscripted. Theresa will give on the spot séances not if the mood moves her but when the spirit moves her.

Family Dynamics-Caputo doesn’t live her life in a vacuum; her family is also involved in her show which also provides realism. The majority of the time her husband, son and daughter seem comfortable with her as a psychic medium but the show also shows some tense scenes. On the questions and answers episode, the husband was asked if the spirits provide competition for his wife’s attention which he mentions no. The children just consider it an interesting family dynamic.

At any rate, it’s refreshing to see a show that deals with the spirit world in a way that maintains credibility. Theresa and her family are not only a delight to watch but so is the show as a whole. I look forward to it being on for more seasons.


Website Taken from Entertainment Tonight, December 6, 2011.

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