Four Ways to Decorate Your Home with Wall Decals

We all want the walls of our house to look attractive and reflect our personalities. But sometimes that’s easier said than accomplished. Framed pictures are great but not always the right fit on every wall, art is expensive, and paint is messy and, more or less, permanent. Fortunately, we now have many decorative options in the form of removable wall decals. Here are a few ways wall decals can quickly and cheaply transform the look of your home.

1. Create an instant mural. The picture I’ve included with this article is of the wall decal I recently put up in my family room. I had wanted to do a family photo collage but, like many things, never got around to it. I found this tree decal on for less than twenty dollars, and it was a cinch to put up. Because the decal consists of many separate pieces, I was able to tweak the design to my liking a bit. When the light is low in my family room, the decal looks exactly like it was painted on the wall.

2. Decorate children’s bedrooms. I’ve been using wall decals in my boys’ bedrooms for years. Admittedly, the first ones we bought a few years ago did not adhere as well as I would have liked. But I think decals are made much better now, and they really do stay put on the walls (as long as small fingers don’t get to them!). We’ve decorated my younger son’s nursery with airplanes and cars, and we’ve used various popular cartoon characters in my older son’s bedroom. If his tastes change, we can easily, and inexpensively, switch things up.

3. Provide inspiration. It’s important to have visual reminders of what’s important to us in life. Decals of favorite quotes and phrases can help to inspire us on a daily basis. There are many options to choose from, whether it’s a Marilyn Monroe quote, a Taylor Swift song lyric, or a Bible verse. Even a decal of the word “family” or “love” written in beautiful script can bring a little more meaning to a treasured photo placed below it.

4. Add a little whimsy to your life. One of the funnier decals I’ve seen on Amazon declares “Laundry Room: Drop your pants here.” When placed in an unexpected nook or cranny of your home, decals offer a way to lighten things up and provide a much-needed chuckle. I recently purchased a silly Dr. Seuss quote decal for my boys’ play room. It reminds me to never take life too seriously!

So if you’re looking for a unique, simple, and inexpensive way to change up your living space, I’d strongly encourage you to try a wall decal. And the best part of all: they can be as temporary as you want them to be, without any damage to your walls when you take them down. Give it a try!

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