Free and Low-Cost Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Married Couples

As a woman who has been married for 20 years, I have had a lot of Valentine’s Days with the same person. Some have been hits and some have been misses. I am going to share with you my most successful Valentine’s Day Ideas from over the year, many of which involve very little cash.

Create a Valentine’s web page: As my husband is often on the road, he have celebrated Valentine’s Day over the miles on several occasions. I think the gift he most appreciated from me was a web page I made from a free web-page service. I wrote a poem, posted some photos, and and made it pretty. He really loved it and looked at it several times during the year I kept it up.

Spend an evening without the kids: It can be difficult, but if you can clear the house of kids so that you can focus on each other for the evening, that would be greatly appreciated. I have sent the kids to grandparents or singles, and fixed a simple meal, and added a store bought dessert. This is also a great opportunity to snuggle up on the couch and enjoy a movie that isn’t animated for once.

Give them a pedicure: This is a gift a woman can do for a man, or vice versa. I have had the pleasure to enjoy a nice foot soak with soft music, a leg and foot massage and pedicure.

Do their chores: Nothing says I love you like not having to do chores for a day. One year I emptied every trash can in the house, took out the garbage and scrubbed the garbage cans. Other things you can do are paint that room they’ve been meaning to get to. Clean the bedroom or bath. Any chore that they have not been able to get to but you know has been nagging them for a while. Then blindfold them and show them your Valentine’s Day surprise.

Fix or repair something broken: Sew the hole in their favorite sweater. I found it was pretty easy to replace the missing keys on my Valentine’s laptop. If her favorite dress needs repair get a friend to fix it. Look around and find out what needs work and get it done. If you can’t fix it, find someone who can.

As you can see, planning and service is the key to giving a free Valentine’s Day Gift. Give our husband or wife something that takes time, energy, and caring to carry out. Practically anything you give with an open and giving heart will shine through and will make their Valentine’s Day great. If you are still short on ideas after reading this, check out these Valentines gifts day for him and Valentines day gifts for her.

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