Free and Reliable Proxy Sites that Work for Facebook

Facebook is blocked in many places around the world, and all the same, in many places around the world, proxies are used to unblock it. One trouble some people run into some times is finding Facebook proxy sites that work. There are tons of sites out there – open proxies, proxy services, and web based proxy sites that are used by a limited number of users to unblock sites including Facebook. However, some of these sites are restricted based on region or for members only. Here are some free places to get you started, because with Facebook, blocked proxies can help unblock it without a problem.

Hide My ass offers a free list of proxy servers that are organized according to age, anonymity, and location. This makes it a step above the rest because most proxy lists are just a random set of proxies, or have limited organizational tools. This way, you can view the proxies based on what’s important to you. There are even some proxies available that aren’t detectable and will get you past firewalls that normally restrict proxies. You’ll also be able to surf in a country of your choosing. Hide My Ass does not actually own the servers listed however, so you’re still taking the usual risks by singing into a proxy server of unknown origin.

Hide My Ass also offers a free web based proxy. A web based proxy chooses a random proxy sever that is owned by Hide My Ass and allows you to bypass many firewall restrictions. This web proxy can be use in many workplaces, schools, and countries as a reliable way to unblock Facebook. However, anything can happen and my times some of these sites get blocked, as proxies do.

In which case, another of many Facebook proxy sites that work is Hotspot Shield. This was, back in the day, a popular way to view Hulu, Netflix, and other American video streaming sites from abroad. It’s now since been blocked from these sites, but HS is still a very powerful, and free tool online for anonymous browsing.

Other than these two big sites, there are also many other smaller sties that provide web based proxies, lists of open proxies, or both. Be sure when choosing a proxy service or proxy server that you know a bit about the reputation. Remember that you’re sharing a network, and thus your IP information with these users, and you may be putting yourself and your Internet device at risk.

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