Free Beheaded Marie Antoinette Costume Patterns for Halloween

Looking for a unique and creepy Halloween costume? These beheaded Marie Antoinette costumes may suit your fancy this Halloween.

With the unrest in this country looking for change from the government on their spending habits and making cuts where they shouldn’t be made, Marie Antoinette could be the best costume to wear this year.

As she took the step to reform the government of her time, lessons could be learnt about that and why those who felt her changes were too drastic. Due to her and her husband King Louis XVI were beheaded because of how they wanted change in their government while the others did not.

Free Beheaded Marie Antoinette Costume Patterns for Halloween

The three following Marie Antoinette costume patterns are the ones I thought were the best of the ones I found online. There are a few more listed on to use for making a beheaded Marie Antoinette costume.

Beheaded Marie Antoinette Halloween Costume

Scrappyredhed provides the details and instructions on how she made her beheaded Marie Antoinette costume. It’s most certainly more colorful than the rest of the costumes in this article.

She provides how she made her wig which is one way I never thought of making a wig for a costume. The wig is very clever. With the wig instructions, different colors of hair can change it for other costumes that require a similar high standing hair style. You may able to find wigs at estate sales cheaper than at stores. Just shop around a bit for prices.

Scrappyredhed also shares a different way to make the torso if you don’t want to buy the pre-made ones. You may also be able to use the instructions from the last costume design to create your hands to help save on money for this version.

She tells of what she did to make the neck area of her torso look the way it did using caulking and red paint. She used similar steps as Rachel, the last costume, did with her face for Marie Anotinette.

Headless Marie Antoinette Costume

This headless Marie Antoinette costume made by Nicole Magne took me about 20 minutes to find online. The reason being all the other pages that had mentioned her costumed took me to dead links. That seems like a pun considering the topic of this costume, but it fits.

Nicole’s beheaded Marie Antoinette link provides more information on building the bust for the costume than the last link. However, if you prefer the last costume idea, this costume tutorial can help you build the bust for that one.

The one thing she does provide is all the materials needed for the bust, how to build it and to raise it above your own head. She also provides steps for dressing up Marie for her night out on Halloween.

There are pictures provided for all steps to the left. On the right where the directions are located, there are more pictures to help with steps one and three.

NOTE: For the full list of materials needed for the costume you will need to visit

Undead and Beheaded Marie Antoinette Costume

Rachel Robertson explains how she made her undead and beheaded Marie Antoinette costume for Halloween. Take note on how she made the upper torso of her costume. This is an ingenious way to make it considering most businesses don’t want to part with their upper torso mannequins.

She also talks about making the dress and where she bought the materials for it. She also talks about the gloves and positioning the hands for holding the head.

Rachel moves onto how she created the undead face for her own face. Then she talks about how she styled her hair for the costume. The picture on the website shows how creative she was in making her own homemade beheaded and undead Marie Antoinette costume.

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