Free EFL/ESL Conversation Questions: Foreign Languages

Would you like your EFL/ESL students to have a conversation about foreign languages? Here are ten conversation questions that you will want to use. They have always gotten my EFL/ESL students to speak, and I’m sure they’ll get your students to speak as well. Add any questions that you’d like to the list. Feel free to skip over the ones that don’t work for you. The important thing is to get your EFL/ESL students to speak.

How many languages can you speak? What is the most difficult language to learn and/or speak in your opinion? What is the easiest language to learn and/or speak in your opinion? What are the advantages of speaking foreign languages? What was your first foreign language? Are some people better at learning languages in your opinion? What foreign language would you like to learn? In terms of usefulness, what foreign language would you learn? What’s the best way to learn a foreign language in your opinion? How long does it a person to speak a foreign language well in your in your opinion?

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