Free the Dove

Long ago in a planet reflective of Earth, a dove named Freedom noticed other animals were able to make noises in barks, squeals, purrs, and additional sounds. Freedom felt as though it was unfair to not be able to make any sounds other than the whistling of its wings within the wind when it glides freely in the air towards its destinations.

Well, one day, Freedom thought it would be more amazing to speak as humans on Earth do to other life forms on its planet. Nevertheless, Freedom never thought about how essential it would be to have other life forms to speak with as well. Nothing was going to stop Freedom because it became so determined to speak that it never thought about others not being able to communicate with it, what language to speak, nor any additional communication ideals.

Furthermore, Freedom decided to begin walking often and rarely taking flight. Soon after Freedom’s mind was made up, it began walking around the gloomy Earth-like planet with a determined stride in every step. Freedom’s wings dragged along the ground as it walked. Shortly thereafter, a few ants looked up at Freedom with eye gestures that seemed to question why the dove was walking instead of flying. A turkey and duck walked by with wondering eyes and gestures as well. All of the other creatures continuously looked at the dove on foot like it was out of place and should just fly away.

Additionally, Freedom began to feel awkward because so many life forms questioned why the dove was walking instead of flying. So, Freedom decided to take off flying high in the sky above all of the life forms with wings spread wide in a slow determined glide through the clouds. Then, suddenly, Freedom flew down extremely close to all of the life forms that questioned its decision to walk and yelled, “I will walk, fly, and even talk whenever I choose to do so, and you’re just jealous and envious that you can’t do the same!” All of the life forms became frightened because they have never heard the voice nor experienced the downward flight of a angry dove before, and some of them were in a state of awe and shock while others left in haste.

Needless to say, no disrespect towards Freedom ever occurred because the wrath and fear was instilled in all who resided within the planet with the speech, stride, and flight of the dove. Freedom reigned supreme over the planet for endless periods of time because no other life forms were ever able to duplicate all the dove was able to do and say, and all lived happily ever after within the ideals of Freedom’s way according to whatever Freedom had to say!

All the best,

Brent M. Dixon

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