Freebies Make for Bad Citizens

Did you hear about the case where the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) harassed some street vendors? The street vendors made the mistake of giving free food to the OWS crowd. Now the street vendors have families and mouths to feed at home. And they did not get the food on their carts for free. So sooner or later they had to ask the OWS folks to beginning paying their fair share. OWS folks were more than outraged. They attacked the street vendors.

In case you did not know that OWS is a bunch of ungrateful, spoiled brat, parasite leeches and freeloaders, now you know. Their true purpose is to destroy the United States and replace it with Greece.

In general, the quickest way to destroy a healthy man is to give him a food, clothing and shelter he does not pay for. He will resent you for your generosity and will commence to destroy his own life and the lives of those around him. Haven’t you noticed the projects are always the dirtiest, most graffiti defaced place in town? Most of the folks in public housing are getting their livelihoods for free, why don’t they act grateful for it? There are several reasons but a central one is that people don’t take care of what they do not own.

Name the twenty worse people you personally know. Sorry, but if you named somebody like Herman Cain or Barrack Hussein Obama, you are not honestly playing our game. You don’t personally know those people. I know because I don’t constantly see you on TV with them.

For those who are playing the home version of our game correctly, dollars to donuts at least one person on your bottom twenty list is a moocher. He wants everything, pays for nothing and feels free to complain anything. He is a net negative wherever he goes and is sure to bring down whatever room he enters. Often such individuals ask to sleep on the couch for a night and three months later he is still on your couch. He has physical and sometimes psychological conditions that makes steady employment impossible for him. He has the ambition of a three-toed sloth and the common sense of gerbil. But he’s got his hooks into you so he is not nearly as stupid as he looks.

What happens when children are given games and toys but never any responsibility? What happens to children when their parents and teachers treat the kids as though the only purpose children should have in life is to be entertained? The kids become stupid, spoiled OWS brats who throw tantrums allow themselves to be manipulated by anti-Semites, Nazis, communists and the democratic party. They feel the world owes them a favor and they should not have to pay off their student loans or anything they owe. Oh yes, and they feel they are owed lucrative, cushy jobs without the benefit of working for them.

We can give any number of examples that prove that giving people everything they want, but not expecting anything in return is a bad idea and actually destroys human beings. Work, self-discipline and accountability are essential for good people, good citizens and good government. Without them you get Greece.


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