Friends with Benefits

So,if your “friend” does everything for you,helps you out when you’re in trouble and takes care of you when you’re down, but they,themselves, are not good people.

Let’s say,you had a “friend” that did allll those things and would end up getting drunk all the time,abusing their loved ones and most of the time making utter fools of themselves.

Does that affect your judgement of them as your “friend”?? Does it make you stick to them JUST for the sake of the favors they do for you?? Do you say something to them about it?? What do you do if they won’t listen??

Are you gonna say goodbye or just stay where you are and wait till they’re too drunk to know that you’re that “friend” that they take care of and they shouldn’t say bad things about you,to your face or behind your back??

If they’re too drunk to make their right judgements or too abusive to you,how can you tell if they’re really doing those favors for YOU or just for the hell of it and for making you stick around??

Are they really what you would call a “good friend”?? Are you then considered friends with benefits??

They get to abuse you,take advantage of you because they know they’re doing all those favors for you and you can’t say anything about it because you need those favors and helping hands. And you,on the other hand, just either like the attention or you really need those favors.

So,what’s it gonna be??

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