From Dreams to Reality

What’s that shadow on the wall? What’s that moving in the dark? Is there a ghost beneath your bed or laying next to you? Is there a demon in the dark waiting to touch your soul or the essence of one you know?

When demons turn to flesh and lovers turn to dust like spirits in the wind we know not who we are. When blood flows through our veins and the heart begins to pound with two beats in the same chest can we know who hides inside? Weighted by feelings far away and haunted by demons near and far we see a clouded image not sure of where we are.

Thoughts and memories of others mix and join with our own creating an alternate reality that leaves us wandering in the dark searching for a truth. Hearts bleed and cry deep with in our soul, yet we know not where the tears are from only long to find the truth.

Dreams become the only escape to find that which calls as they become the only place where anything is real. Days bleed one into the next with no purpose when all is gone, yet the vampire searches through the dark reaching with it’s mind searching for the heart that beats so deep with in.

Even in pure truth would love ever know it’s name when one can read your mind do you dare trust your own heart? Connections come and go with bonds that break and tear. Our whole life spent searching for the one, yet always doubtful and uncertain or naive and blind.

Life is like a story with more than one writer writing books that intertwine. We’re left scratching at the paper hoping the join our books into the same cohesive page taking two halves to make a whole. When we spend our lives writing in dreams and fantasy can we see the truth with in? We write a story in our heart, yet lose sight of reality praying for the angel to cast her cold dark wings upon us.

Tonight I pray for something real, not that created in my mind. Hoping for a truth to carry me through the night. Longing that the feeling that sparked the dream shall spark reality. Cast me into darkness or cast me into light, but take my shaking hand when you see that I am real. When you see that I am here.

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