From El Paso to Iraq.. Wait, Scotland?!

Back in 2006-2008, my unit and I were going through a deployment to Iraq. Not a very fun time in my life, I’ll admit. I was stuck as one of the first groups that got to go home on leave, and it was still winter. After I had stayed awake completely, the night before, I made my way to the Airport, on the way back from leave. It was one of the saddest days I thought I’d ever have, having to go back.

Well, we had made it to the overseas flight, and started having issues in the air. Everything was shaking violently, and I was feeling pretty nauseous. By the time we had finally heard the pilot overhead say we were making our landing, I’d been shaken to the point where even if the plane had stopped shaking, I’d have kept going. I was on edge and on the verge of losing control already, and then I heard something I wasn’t ready for, at all…

“We’ll be landing in [so and so] Scotland in about 10 minutes…”

Scotland? WHAT?!?!?!?!

By this point, I was freaking out. The plane was still shaking, and I was definitely NOT where I was supposed to be!

Once we landed, I made it my first priority to call my Stateside unit, and to let them know my situation. The CO laughed, which only freaked me out even further. When I asked why he was laughing, he explained that I was SUPPOSED to be in Scotland. SUPPOSED to? How?! Apparently, tickets have two sides.

I wasn’t currently informed of this.

I ended up having a two day layover, in Scotland. The weather was too hectic to fly in. After I had discovered that I was where I belonged, I rather enjoyed my two day layover. Also discovered something called Irn Bru. Finally got back on my flight, as scheduled, with two extra days vacation.

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