From “Why Us?” to “Why Not Us?” Part One

Anyone who’s had a child, knows the feeling of wondering how you could possibly love someone so much you just met. Its an instant feeling of love at first sight. An incredible feeling that no one can take away from you. In that moment, everything around you is perfect. Nothing can go wrong. Well, for my fiance Matt and I, it did. Our entire little world came crumbling down in a matter of hours.

Now I did what any other ‘normal’ pregnant woman would do and not do during her pregnancy (and suffered all the usual symptoms associated with it like the backaches, the sickness, the swollen feet, and lack of sleep, and the notorious cravings). Everything seemed to be going smoothly. Until the night after I became 38 weeks. I was lounging on the couch watching the ever popular, but ridiculous, “Wipe Out” and all of a sudden it dawned on me that I haven’t really felt Liam (we knew we were having a boy) move at all that day. For me that wasn’t completely out of the ordinary, he didn’t move a ton to begin with but something about this time didn’t sit well with me. So I told Matt and he called my doctor who told us to go to the hospital and see what was up [this was all around 9pm].

When we got there nothing was preparing us for what was about to happen. We weren’t too scared or worried but we were still wondering what the deal was. I got all hooked up and about and hour or so later the nurse came in and told us that the baby’s heart rate went down a little and told me to get on my side and they were going to give me some oxygen. Soon after they go me situated with all of that the nurse came back in an said this wasn’t going to work and that they called my doctor and we were getting Liam out right away, via emergency c-section because if they were to induce me, it would be too much on the baby.

After we picked our jaws up off the floor, Matt and I were completely side swiped. After months of book reading, videos and child birth classes we all of a sudden looked like the two most unprepared couple in the world. We didn’t know what was wrong, or if the baby was going to be ok. All we knew is tonight, in a matter of minutes, we were going to become parents, and our little Liam would finally be with…or, maybe not.

Look out for part two coming soon.

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